Welcome to the Portfolio, Ghia!

Welcome to the Portfolio, Ghia!

We are thrilled to welcome Ghia to our portfolio. With Ghia, Mélanie Masarin has created an impressive array of highly satisfying, non-alcohol canned spritzes and beautifully bottled apéritifs. Ghia’s refreshing spirits are made with pure ingredients including fruit and vegetable juices; herbal, botanical, and spice extracts like gentian root, eucalyptus extract, and chili pepper extract; with no added sugar, no preservatives, or artificial flavors.

Thank you Mélanie for creating such stand-out products in this fast-growing market and for the opportunity to support your vision.  

Thank you Michelle Colban Flowerman for co-leading this investment and to all of the investors who joined us. 

What excites us about Ghia?

  • Uncompromising Integrity – only pure, real, health-forward ingredients like citrus juices, spices, floral and powerful nervine extracts like gentian root, elderflower, and lemon balm.  Vegan, no added sugar, no artificial anything, no caffeine, no gluten.
  • Focus on Flavor – it’s not just the best ingredients but the focus on creating deliciously crave-able distinct flavor profiles that may appeal to people at different moments and evoke different feelings or memories. 
  • Elevated Style  – simple, elevated, and eye-catching branding and packaging.  Messaging throughout is creative, fresh, and fun, e.g. “Over the Influence. All of the spirit, none of the booze”.  The product looks beautiful on store shelves, behind the bar, and on our tables. Plus, the new, ribbed bottles are as stunning as upcycled vases.
  • Mission Alignment – dissociating “drinking” from alcohol, right from the start of the evening (or morning or afternoon).  Ghia offers us such a beautiful, easily accessible, delicious non-alcoholic option as more and more “drinkers” are looking for zero-proof alternatives.
  • Commitment to Sustainability – Ghia’s products are zero-plastic and completely recyclable.  One of Mélanie’s many goals is to offer bottle refills as well.

PLUS…we can’t get enough of Ghia’s Ghianduja.  Think Nutella, but with half the sugar and made with olive oil instead of palm oil.  

Learn more about Mélanie and the Ghia story

Before creating Ghia, Mélanie worked as a banker with Goldman Sachs and in various strategy, marketing, and creative leadership roles for several notable consumer brands including Glossier and Dig.  

With Ghia, she is on a mission to take back the word “drinking” from alcohol. Tired of the notion of feeling like she needed an explanation to opt out of drinking alcohol while out with friends,  Mélanie became passionate about creating a beverage that people could lean into and choose to drink, simply because it tastes delicious. No explanation is needed.

Mélanie kickstarted the non-alcoholic apéritif category in the Spring of 2020 with Ghia’s highly successful launch of the OG hero product, “The Apéritif” – a concentrated, bottled bitter apéritif.  Fast forward 4 years, Ghia’s product line-up now also includes 4 flavors of canned spritzes – the original Ghia, Ghia Ginger, Lime & Salt, and Sumac & Chili – and a second Berry Apéritif, launched just last November. 

Additional Resources

“Ghia Founder Mélanie Masarin on Changing the Beverage Industry” Radio Cherry Bombe, Episode 502

“Ghia continues its dramatic growth in the non-alcoholic market” Forbes, January 19, 2024

To learn more about this market, check out this Business of Drinks discussion and research on Millennial and Gen Z Drink Preferences.

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