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Marreya Bailey

Marreya Bailey

Owner + Producer, Mad Marvlus

A pioneering “future of wine” producer guided by nature, ancestral practices, and wellness.

It’s all about connections,…and I’m grateful to Chef Preeti for introducing me (and many friends and family) to Marreya last spring.  Chef Preeti created the most extraordinary, beautifully presented, locally-sourced tasting menu for an event that we hosted last year, and at my request, they recommended a female winemaker whose creations are equally inventive and stunning to pair with their dishes.

Enter Marreya Bailey, an innovative winemaker who creates natural, low alcohol wine and cider from climate-friendly fruit with no/low sulfur and no residual sugar.  Marreya is a pioneer in this space.  Don’t just take my word for it – check out this feature in Sonoma Magazine. As a pioneer, Marreya incorporates locally foraged, underrepresented fruit and botanicals in her gorgeously satisfying regeneratively-farmed blends that are handmade using ancestral practices.

Each of Marreya’s blends are fabulous – a few of my favorites (Pomme Quincy, Sherehe! and Mad Maxine) are now sold out, but I can’t wait to get my hands on new releases! Mad Irene which “looks like a red wine, smells like a white wine, and tastes deliciously expressive” is sure to be a new favorite, and Makari will undoubtedly satisfy all of my Muscat-loving friends and family too!

Please meet and follow Marreya, learn about how you can support her, and do yourself a favor by getting a few bottles now, before the new releases are gone!  Become a Mad Marvlus Club Member here.

With gratitude for this community,


Help us spread the word. In a few simple sentences, please tell us about Mad Marvlus.
Mad Marvlus is a Black Woman-owned and produced natural and low-intervention wine and cider brand located in Sonoma, CA. Mad Marvlus creates low to no alcohol beverages as naturally as possible with only climate-friendly, underrepresented, organic and regeneratively-grown fruit; minimal to zero sulfur added; and no residual sugar. In terms of wellness, we also produce co-fermented beverages such as apple-grape wines and apple-quince ciders by repurposing grape skins and occasionally infusing with adaptogen-rich botanicals such as chamomile and jasmine because we want consumers to feel good after enjoying Mad Marvlus. Mad Marvlus is where the Future of Wine is heading, and is my love letter and storytelling medium to the world (I am a scientific mind with an artistic heart).

Tell us about your background and what inspired you to create Mad Marvlus?
With an educational background in Forensic Anthropology and Organizational Psychology, my professional background includes humble beginnings in corporate HR, while working on and off in food and beverage for over 15 years in the Midwest. In 2015, while living in Ohio, I started pursuing my passion for wine – ranging from wine buying, curating wine bar menus, and earning my status of Sommelier via Court of Master Sommeliers. After several years of flirting between wine and my job that I didn’t love and feel appreciated in, and knowing that less than 1% of winemakers were Black, I quit my corporate job to immerse myself in wine full-time.  In 2020, I began my journey as a winemaker and vigneronne working harvests in CA and VT. After noticing a serious lack of representation by Black women wine and cider makers (less than 0.1% in the entire industry), Mad Marvlus was born in 2021 as an opportunity to express myself through my biggest passions: art, science, people, and nature, including diversifying the wine industry more and paying homage to multicultural ancestral practices.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced in establishing and building Mad Marvlus?
My biggest challenge is securing capital in order to continue steadily building business, scaling production, acquiring a high-quality support team and other resources (i.e. an automatic 6-spout bottle filler, automatic bottle corker and capper, amphora, truck for fruit transportation) and to consistently operate from a high-quality and affordable shared production space that Mad Marvlus can call home and more control and freedom in Sonoma County. Additionally, I am also having a challenge in expanding my distribution nationally for more consumers to access easily and enjoy, and amplify the brand through national media brands, writers, and publications.

Where do you get your energy and drive to persevere?
From my family, ancestors, and supportive community. I was always encouraged to do my very best, be a role model, follow my dreams, and manifest my visions into reality, especially when it pertains to ownership, equity, and successful prosperous entrepreneurship when I know it will help make the future easier for people who identify like myself. I want to be a prime example, leader, and pioneer opening more doors, breaking barriers, becoming a new guard to welcome more to a new table of diversity. I am inspired to keep going so that I can to contribute to a safe, healthy, supportive, educational, positive energy-driven community and build a health legacy.

What are you most looking forward to this year?
I am most looking forward to more Mad Marvlus winemaker dinner events, launching our club – Society MM, showcasing to the world more delicious beverages for more people to enjoy, and to have Mad Marvlus continue transforming into its best within the global community. Considering last year was the best vintage yet for Mad Marvlus, I know this year’s wine and cider releases will be setting the bar for Mad Marvlus and many others for years to come!

How can the Furthermore Ventures community best support you?
Connections to more grants and capital resources to help Mad Marvlus grow more smoothly and successfully. In addition to the ongoing support, connecting with media outlets for Mad Marvlus to be amplified as a wine and cider brand for more consumers to access and enjoy!

Are there any upcoming product launches that you would like to share with our community? 
I am super excited to share my Spring Release launching in March 2024 because it truly defines who and what Mad Marvlus is about: the future of wine and redefining high-quality wine without relying on common grapes that are not sustainable like Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. This will include some deliciously unique natural hybrid grape wines, wellness ciders, and other deliciousness! To learn more, join our mailing list and purchase our products at

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